Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Day 9: We are free again and on the road!

Total Miles = 215.2

This morning the RV was put back together again and the generator was up and running. It appears that the starter and fuel line were the culprits and once in it ran like a top!! Once we paid the bill (which was substantially less than expected), emptied the tanks, filled the LP gas and the RV gas tank, got coffee and supplies we were off and running about noon! YAY!

About an hour or so into our journey we started noticing the Great White windmill farms. There were thousands of them on private ranches and in the midst of them was a very lonely oil pump (stock photo). Once again we took the roads less traveled which makes it easier to stop in some cases and take some photos for your viewing pleasure. 

We also drove through miles of cattle feed lots, bigger than any that
we've seen. It seemed as though there was one after the other. Only  a little while ago did I find out that Greeley, CO is purported to be one of the largest feed lots in the country. I've attached a stock photo because the smell was so overpowering that I wouldn't let Jimmy stop for a photo shoot. LOL

We ended up stopping in Greeley downtown at the local Walmart only to find out that the generator ran great but NONE of the appliances did. We called the folks at Premier Auto & RV and it appears that they forgot to flip a switch on the side of the generator. Jimmy put his best mechanics hat on (I'm laughing profusely as I'm typing this LOL) and flipped the switch like he knew what he was doing. We decided that was enough adventure for one day and checked with the Walmart manager who gave us the OK to stay the night. Tomorrow we will make Wyoming and will start off with a visit to their local Planet Fitness (you know what that means). After that who knows where we will head. Have a great night!

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