Monday, May 14, 2018

Day 8: Quick trip to the Air Force Academy

We are still in Colorado and last night we had our first rain storm in the RV. The sound of rain on the roof was wonderful but the lightening was too much for Molly who searched out Jimmy to protect her (what a big chicken). But the good news is that the parts arrived late today so with a little luck we will be on the road tomorrow or early Wednesday.

SO today we used their company car (a little Saturn) to check out  the Air Force Academy which is just 15-20 miles away. It was a great day for photos with the dark overcast skies and the Academy itself is very photogenic. 

On the property at the Visitors Center we immediately ran into a politically pompous turkey. At first I thought it was one of our esteemed DC elites but on closer inspection I saw it was just the garden variety turkey. Very majestic though!

We wandered around the center for a bit and found a simulation of the cadets quarters. And I have to say compared to the quarters we stayed in on the Reagan they are living rather large. ;-)

As we wandered through the property we came across a transparent building that resembled the tail of a B-52 (at least from one angle). There were some great buildings and statues and  even touches of spring blossoms but some of the things that caught our attention were the planes. 

There were planes representing the B-17, B-24, P-51, C-47, P-47, P-38 (and more) and scattered among them were statues honoring individuals and special flying groups like the Tuskegee Airmen. 

But one of the buildings I was very interested in seeing was the Cadet Chapel and I was not disappointed.  The Chapel itself is an amazing construction and houses a main chapel for Protestants which is breathtaking with stain glass windows that frame the outside like works of art.  It was outstanding and the overall size and scope is inspiring. Just when you think it can't get any better as your walking out of the main chapel there sits this huge organ in the balcony! 

Downstairs were the chapels for other faiths such as Catholics and Jewish. The only one available to visit was the Catholic church . 

Although we only had a short visit the experience was wonderful AND it was great to get out and about to see something different today. I'll leave you with a couple more photos one of beautiful spring blossoms and the other really intrigued me ... Art vs Nature...! Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful evening.

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