Monday, May 7, 2018

Day 1 Working the kinks out LOL

Well this will be a short post today. Jimmy and I will journal here for our fun and hopefully your enjoyment. 

We started out earlier than expected and headed towards Payson but you know what they say about the best laid plans? Right before milepost 204 we noticed the generator was not running and of course when we tried to restart it we had no luck. OMG!!! 

Well to cut to the chase we had flooded it and after about 30 minutes and shutting off all the appliances like AC and refrigerator it started right up and continued flawlessly... (Oh ya and read the manual)

Lesson Learned: Generator needs to warm up for a couple of minutes before starting all the appliances and then only one appliance at a time. OBTW works in reverse too when your shutting down ... appliances first and THEN the generator. HAHAHAHA

Also had to make a pit stop to Home Depot for wheel chaulks and more containers for cabinets. It appears that somethings really like to jump out of the cabinet doors while we are driving. Go Figure. 

Molly is adjusting pretty well I'd love to know what she was thinking as we were preparing for this trip... are they leaving me? where are they going without me? LOL

We will see how the night goes... I'll chat more tomorrow and I promise to add photo's to my post too. 

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