Sunday, May 13, 2018

Day 7: More of the same but good coffee

First I thought I would add a few pictures of  Jimmy's chariot for your viewing pleasure but the pictures don't do the cow manure smell justice...  the price was right though and it runs well! 

We started out the day by finding an excellent Planet Fitness where we could get a nice hot shower in a human size shower stall. It was a really nice facility and we hope this one is indicative of others in our travels. 

Our next priority was COFFEE. So off we went in search of the Dunkin Donuts we found yesterday and though the coffee was really GOOD the line was sooooo much longer due to Mother's Day. But I will tell you they handled the long lines with speed and accuracy (a real change from some of the Arizona DD's) 

Once the creature comforts were well in hand it was time to get
down to work... LAUNDRY. We found a very busy laundromat and spent the next 3 hours reacquainting ourselves with the joys of doing the laundry outside the home again. Since Colorado Springs is a BIG military town this laundromat was almost as busy as the Dunkin Donuts. 

Then back to the old repair shop and the RV for a nice burger on the grill with a short aerial display of a gorgeous hawk searching out his lunch (never have the camera when you need it) AND thank goodness for ROKU so we could watch a couple more installments of the The Crown. 

Can't wait to get on the road again.

Have a good night and Happy Mother's day!

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  1. Hope your generator troubles are soon over. Finally caught up with your posts and love the adventures and pics-especially the wildlife and the old mill. Got your mail, call inthe morning if u want—Dana