Thursday, May 10, 2018

Day 4: With the good comes the bad ...

Miles Today: 222.3

We drove from the Whittington Center in NM after quickly checking out their gun museum and gift shop. Took some cool photos on the way out of a statue of Charlton Heston on horse back titled "Scout" and some pretty cool antelope...then onto Trinidad, CO. On our way Jimmy almost right turned into a HUGE prison (Trinidad Correctional Facility) on the back roads... I told him we were not going to prison today.

Along the way we came across a great point of interest where 2 B-24 collided with 19 on board and lost 18 of them in 1944. The one survivor was from Medford, Massachusetts.

We drove through the Comanche National Grassland which was just wide open spaces. Then we came across the PCMS (Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site) for the Military all neatly tucked away in the middle of nowhere. All this time we paralelled railroad tracks and passed through old abandoned railroad towns. Although the RR is still active it is not heavily utilized.

On the way to Trinidad the land was very different from New Mexico where most was setup into cattle ranches. In the eastern part of Colorado the land is mostly used for farms but in both states water seems to be an issue.

You can always tell when we have hit civilization Walmart comes into view... So we stopped to get our groceries and headed off toward Rocky Ford planning on following Highway 71 up to / through northern Colorado.

Well the best laid plans... in Rocky Ford we had some technical issues with the generator so the rest of the day was spent re-routing towards Colorado Springs. Then to Falcon to reach a highly referred RV repair shop called Premier RV & Auto. So far they have been very accommodating by making sure we had a hook-up, and even a car if we needed it.

BUT hey when we re-routed through Route 25 and hit Pueblo CO we saw a Dunkin Donuts... LOL

Well that's it for tonite. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a better view

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