Friday, June 29, 2018

Day 52 to 55: Vermont first ...

Miles traveled: 301.6

June 26-29, 2018

We started off headed to Vermont but got waylaid in Littleton, NH. What a beautiful little town. These folks knew that in order to survive they had to revitalize their downtown and the were incredibly successful. Pollyanna is there good luck charm and she is every where. Every business has flowers in front, they are all friendly and they still have a walking mailman delivering mail with a bag slung over her shoulder. We bought some maple syrup and Jalapeno jelly and had to force ourselves to stop. I even stopped in a little hairdressers and had my haircut again... Many thanks to Connie!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Day 51: Meandering around upper NH

Today's Miles - 148.2
Today's Date: June 25, 2018

So today we took a lazy approach, started out about 11 am and started heading north on route 16. We visited all the little towns along
the way Gorham, Berlin (where we checked out the downtown), Milan (where we saw the ski jump), Errol, Dixville Notch (where the first votes are cast in the Presidential Elections), Lancaster, Whitefield and Littleton.

Days 47-50: OMG I lost track of time...

Miles Since last post: 374.7 (we are over 6000 miles total)
Today's Date: June 24, 2018

So today I'm going to start adding the date to my blog this way it keeps me honest LOL. Counting the days in the beginning sounded "easy peasy" but if you can't count you can run into problems. :-(

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Day 46: Off and running again...

Total Miles - 73.1

We really enjoyed hanging around the Ellsworth area but every time we thought we might like to see the main street it was too busy to park the RV anywhere. So this morning, since it was early enough, we had the opportunity to park the RV right on Main Street and walk. Well like all the treasures we've found the local theater is a true surprise. I wanted to take pictures of the outside of The Grand and thought that was all I'd get but I saw a lady in the office next to the theater and she directed me inside to get a brochure of it's history... 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Day 45: Not a lot of miles

Total Miles - 103.1

Yesterday in our wandering through Bar Harbor we hit a lot of construction and broke off the tailpipe on our GENERATOR... UGH. So today we had to find a place to replace it. OF course, we immediately think that we are in for another long stay at the back of some garage. So we head out to a place called CMD Power Systems, Inc. in Hermon, Maine that work on Onan Generators. Well much to our surprise we are in there at 9AM and out by 10AM all fixed and road worthy for a minimal charge. WOW!!! 

Day 44: Bar Harbor

Total Miles - 95

Today we set off to check out Bar Harbor (Bah Habah), Maine and on the way we stopped at a scenic view to catch a glimpse of Cadillac Mountain. It was breathtaking... 

Day 43: Wandering and Wreaths Across America

Total Miles - 70

We headed out with no particular vision of where we would end up but wandered through the picturesque seaport town of Cutler. It was grey and raining a good portion of the day and makes the pictures look misty but I hope you enjoy. 

Monday, June 18, 2018

Day 39 through Day 42: Just bumming around Lubec

Total Miles - 122

The miles include getting to Lubec where we stayed until Monday morning. Molly meet some new friends, Sophie and Angus, and had a blast. We ate, drank and made merry. We visited Lubec Smokehouse museum and learned about how regulations killed the industry in

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Day 38: Tourists

Total Miles - 58.1

We decided to treat ourselves this morning to breakfast out and we did! We found a little place called Karen's Main Street Diner next door to Karen's Main Street Pub in Calais, ME. Well you see on one of the boards they had Lobster Rolls advertised for lunch and when we asked they were happy to oblige our odd choice (see pictures on Facebook). If you're ever in Calais look up Karen's great food and friendly service.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Day 37: Off again

Total Miles - 155.4

Hey I forgot to tell you all that we saw a moose yesterday. It was young and just walking along the edge of the forest on the road in the shadows. BIG!! We've been riding in moose country and I'm surprised we hadn't seen one sooner. Today as we backtracked to get some photos of great old cars near Presque Isle, I saw another bear up one of the side roads just standing in the middle of the road. I was really glad that wasn't the road we needed.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Day 36: World travelers... LOL

Total Miles today - 206.8
TOTAL Trip Miles - 5,319.4

We are really becoming world travelers. We've already been through Greece, Palermo, Peru and now Mexico (twice), Stockholm, New Sweden, Athens and then our phone welcomed us to Canada even though we never crossed the border... I think its as confused as I am.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Day 35: Dexter, Maine and a few treasures

Total Miles - 139.9

We really took our time today to smell the roses and only journeyed a short distance. We went to a town called Dexter in Maine where Jimmy spent some of his childhood. It's a beautiful, fading rose like many little towns in New England.

Day 34: Lookout Maine here we come…

Total Miles - 199.8 miles

Today we decided that we needed to clean the covers on the sofa and beds so we took the time to stop at a nice little laundromat in Conway before hitting the road.

Day 33: Welcome to New Hampshire

Total Miles - 204.8 Miles

Last night we found a great rest area just before the Canadian border. If you ever find yourself on Interstate 87 northbound between MP 161 and 162 before Chazy NY it’s a clean, quiet and safe place to stay. We were the only ones there… You see the Canadian truckers know that if they cross their border they get extra driving hours so they don’t stop.  This was the first rest area we’ve been to where we didn’t wake up to the sound of truck engines starting up.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Day 31 and 32: Getting out of NY

Total Miles today - 351.1

A lot of miles today as we headed out of town towards one of the ferry stops on Lake Champlain.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Day 30 Welcome to NY

Total Miles today - 178 miles

OK so last night we ended about 50 miles further than where we started the day. We headed south to visit our friend and then turned back around to head north for upper NY.  Tomorrow we visit family, so today we wandered upper Pennsylvania and NY along Lake Erie. We have now officially seen 4 of the 5 Great Lakes.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Day 29: Lot of miles but slow going

Total miles today - 219.9

Today we did a little back tracking to visit a friend we thought was out of town... So we headed down from Slippery Rock, PA to Braddock and stopped for lunch. Along the way we took some photos of some railroad bridges, cars and an old station. 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Day 28: OHIO

Miles today – 215.9

Well we made it through OHIO today and what beautiful farm country it is. Amazing old farms, some restored and well maintained, and others falling down in disrepair.  When we started out today we thought we would speed through OHIO as we have both been here before. But in the end we decided to take a lower route and see some of the state we had not seen before… and that is what we did.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

DAY 27: On the road again.....

Miles today - 247

YAY we are on the move again. All seems to be working (knock on wood). We took some photos this morning before leaving Saginaw so Jimmy could show off his new Cummins hat and make sure he gave the guys at Cummins Sales and Service a big THUMBS UP!  These guys and someone from Cummins Corporate helped us find a very tough part. The good news is they worked with us and I even helped with the research without bruising any ego's. Except for the generator being a pain in the butt the experience was not a bad one.