Friday, June 29, 2018

Day 52 to 55: Vermont first ...

Miles traveled: 301.6

June 26-29, 2018

We started off headed to Vermont but got waylaid in Littleton, NH. What a beautiful little town. These folks knew that in order to survive they had to revitalize their downtown and the were incredibly successful. Pollyanna is there good luck charm and she is every where. Every business has flowers in front, they are all friendly and they still have a walking mailman delivering mail with a bag slung over her shoulder. We bought some maple syrup and Jalapeno jelly and had to force ourselves to stop. I even stopped in a little hairdressers and had my haircut again... Many thanks to Connie!

We headed to St Johnsbury and along the way we saw some of the Great Race 2018 vehicles on Rt 93 coming down from Burlington VT. The pictures are not very good but I think you get the drift. 

We kept on moving into St Johnsbury to check out what was left of the RR yard and station. The station is still beautiful but the yard is a lot less than what it used to be. Tracks are being pulled up and the town, that was once vibrant, is a lot more depressed.

 Next on the road was an abandoned RR bridge. It is so beautiful but I particularly love the American flag that someone placed in the rails to no where. There are more photos on Facebook of bridges, trucks, buildings and great scenic views. We even saw a moose with her baby... I really hope you enjoy. 

Wednesday we headed back to North Conway for another cigar before we head south and one last laundry run and stop at an RV Park. IT WAS POURING rain for 2 days but when it finally stopped last night it was a beautiful sunset. 

Today we took a sneak run into Hampton for one more dose of lobster and then ice cream for dessert with friends then off and running again until after the 4th. Talk more later!

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