Monday, June 11, 2018

Day 36: World travelers... LOL

Total Miles today - 206.8
TOTAL Trip Miles - 5,319.4

We are really becoming world travelers. We've already been through Greece, Palermo, Peru and now Mexico (twice), Stockholm, New Sweden, Athens and then our phone welcomed us to Canada even though we never crossed the border... I think its as confused as I am.

We started off the day wandering, as usual, when we realized that we had gone over 5000 miles and thought we should change our oil. While in Millinocket we stopped at Katahdin Motors and they did a lube and oil and even got us in early. Very nice folks and very cost effective. 

We headed to Millinocket to check out a restaurant that was built by the Pelletier family from the TV Show "American Loggers". Although they no longer own it we still took some photos of it. We actually met one of the sisters in the grocery store shopping for one of the logging camps... She filled two carriages and said it was a small week. It was a cool town and we are making new friends again... Dave at the deli counter was a hoot to chat with too.

You know we watched a lot of news, and constantly on Facebook and this trip is refreshing. We are finding out (again) that most people are good and friendly. It sort of restores our faith in folks again. Not a bad thing!

All in all we had an excellent day and saw some beautiful views. We are now resting at the Walmart in Presque Isle, Maine (again a friendly crew) so I'll call it a day. Have a good night!

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