Saturday, June 2, 2018

DAY 27: On the road again.....

Miles today - 247

YAY we are on the move again. All seems to be working (knock on wood). We took some photos this morning before leaving Saginaw so Jimmy could show off his new Cummins hat and make sure he gave the guys at Cummins Sales and Service a big THUMBS UP!  These guys and someone from Cummins Corporate helped us find a very tough part. The good news is they worked with us and I even helped with the research without bruising any ego's. Except for the generator being a pain in the butt the experience was not a bad one. 

But we did learn another lesson when buying a used RV. Just because a generator has low hours used does not make it a gem. The truth is a 17 year old RV should have some hours on the generator... ours only had 193 hours meaning it sat unused most of the time allowing the fuel to gum up the works over the years. And if ethanol fuel was used, which is corrosive to aluminum parts, it can destroy your carburetor.

Lesson learned: you must run your generator for at least an hour once or twice a month at full load and add Stabile-360 to help negate the bad effects of ethanol in the fuel today. What an education we are getting.

We also saw a couple of weird ducks across the street so I wanted to snap a couple of photos to find out what they were. LOL well as luck would have it they decided to get frisky the moment I started snapping photos. Jimmy said the the other day that one thing every story needs is a little romance and sex to make it interesting... so here you go... a little sex and "...are you done yet dear?"

We also saw a beautiful old railroad drawbridge on our way out of town and an amazing old train station that they are trying to save for restoration. Both are an example of the wonderful work that was done in the early days of the railroad's hay day. (More photos will be posted on Facebook album).

We found our way to Ypsilanti to make a short visit with a young friend of our's and his beautiful family. The way the trip was going we weren't sure that we were going to make it. We are finally out of Michigan in OHIO... So welcome to OHIO!

Going to close for now but I will post a couple more photos! Have a great night!

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