Monday, June 4, 2018

Day 29: Lot of miles but slow going

Total miles today - 219.9

Today we did a little back tracking to visit a friend we thought was out of town... So we headed down from Slippery Rock, PA to Braddock and stopped for lunch. Along the way we took some photos of some railroad bridges, cars and an old station. 

The roads were a little nerve wracking because a lot of them were small 2 lane back roads with no shoulders. And they were busy! We found that we could not get down the back road to our friends so she meet us and we scooted out instead. 

We are now settled comfortably just about 20 miles south of Erie, PA and tomorrow we will head out towards Rochester, NY. We, of course, will take the long way so probably won't be there until Wednesday or so... I'll post a couple more photos so enjoy!

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