Monday, July 2, 2018

Day 56-58: Stuck again LOL

June 30, 2018 to July 2, 2018 
Total Miles - 262.3 
Total Traveled: 7082 miles

Well we did run into Hampton Beach, NH last night and stayed the night so Molly could have a romp on the beach this morning. It was worth the stay! She romped and played with her friends Sophie and Angus and went into the ocean too... It was a blast to watch. 

They played and played but we still wanted to run around NH for a couple of days before we park the RV and switch to a rental car for a couple of weeks. So we hit the road again to stop and visit another friend in Wilton, NH when we noticed a knocking sound in the generator (OH HOW I HATE THAT THING!!) So Jimmy stopped to check it out and add oil. Well as he added oil it poured right back out again. So he decided to do an emergency oil and filter change on the side of the road and although it seemed to work for a startup (after adding and detracting oil) It finally decided not to startup at all. SO here we are again at a Onan dealer, this time at J&D Power Equipment in Deerfield, NH to see if it can be handled. 

In the meantime we spent Saturday and Sunday at a GREAT little RV Park called Saddleback Campgrounds in Northwood, NH. We had fireworks and an Ice Cream Social the first night there and just enjoyed meeting new folks. What a difference from other RV parks where everyone sits in their own corners quietly enjoying their privacy. So if your ever in NH this is DEFINITELY the place to stay at. I know it's on our list for next year!

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