Monday, June 25, 2018

Days 47-50: OMG I lost track of time...

Miles Since last post: 374.7 (we are over 6000 miles total)
Today's Date: June 24, 2018

So today I'm going to start adding the date to my blog this way it keeps me honest LOL. Counting the days in the beginning sounded "easy peasy" but if you can't count you can run into problems. :-(

So last post was about our walking tour of Ellsworth, ME... now I know I've been posting a photo journal almost everyday but I'd love to fill in some of the blanks. On our way to today we posted more pictures in Wreaths Across America. Our young friend (who BTW is getting married in that beautiful chapel) took some wonderful photos of that door I talked about. Thanks to Kelly Hinkle and congratulations on the upcoming nuptials and the new door opening for you both.  

We stopped and had an oil change done on that great working generator of ours and meet up with a Mockingbird. It's the first I've
seen, and heard, live. What a clever little plain bird... I never heard it repeat a single tweet. It was like listening to 20 different bird calls all in the same place. We moved onto Thorndike Maine to check out the RailRiders and sad to say there was not a single person around to chat with about them and the phone numbers were not very informative but we did get pictures. 

We headed to Augusta just to check it out and got all turned around
trying to see the historic downtown but in all that mess up we found a treasure. An old arsenal that was developed between 1828-1838 and was finally declared surplus in early 1900's. There are no signs leading you to it. It just quietly sits along the river...Oh the stories those buildings could tell. The irony is the one sign that talks about vibrant redevolpment blah, blah, blah. Vibrant? NO... A
little eerie? Absolutely! Add that to the old State Hospital buildings and it was a really creepy find. We finally walked the streets of downtown Augusta and at one store took a step back in time. 

We then headed to Boothbay and saw some beautiful scenery but just another tourist trap. Another lesson time we tow a car so we can enjoy some of those tourist traps without the 26' RV. We did manage to find a great little place tucked away in a bay for some great fried clams. 

We then started heading through Bath and then onto North Conway, NH again for a great cigars and a couple of nights rest, laundry, showers etc... We've had a blast so far ... going to explore upper NH for a couple of days and then back for one more cigar with our new friends at The Original Cigar and Bar... 

I'll write more tonite (OBTW I know the date is one day off now so don't be picking on me you smart axxxx)

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