Thursday, June 21, 2018

Day 46: Off and running again...

Total Miles - 73.1

We really enjoyed hanging around the Ellsworth area but every time we thought we might like to see the main street it was too busy to park the RV anywhere. So this morning, since it was early enough, we had the opportunity to park the RV right on Main Street and walk. Well like all the treasures we've found the local theater is a true surprise. I wanted to take pictures of the outside of The Grand and thought that was all I'd get but I saw a lady in the office next to the theater and she directed me inside to get a brochure of it's history... 

I was surprised because it was unlocked the whole time I was peeking inside. Jimmy and I wandered in and what a beautiful old building.. I'll add a pick or two but most will be downloaded to Facebook tonight. These are must see. If you're ever in Ellsworth, Maine lookup their program and events list online at The Grand

Then we started moving along towards Camden and came across Fort Knox and the Penobscot Narrow bridge with a public observatory at the top ... this bridge replaced the Waldo-Hancock bridge so we decided to detour and check it out. We ended up touring the old Fort Knox and got quite an education. Check out some of the photos when I get them uploaded to Facebook. 

And of course as you saw from some of our posts earlier today we stopped for lunch in Belfast, Maine. Lobstah... LOL and Chowdah... what more can I ask for. We really did play tourists today and only managed to get 73 miles away but oh what sites we saw.  We found the old theater and a great little town to spend some time in, a historic site we didn't know existed right along side a modern marvel and then relaxing ocean side with good food.  Have a great night.

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