Thursday, June 7, 2018

Day 31 and 32: Getting out of NY

Total Miles today - 351.1

A lot of miles today as we headed out of town towards one of the ferry stops on Lake Champlain.

We had a great day yesterday with my sister and her family and just got to hang out, do some laundry and catch up on new stuff and remember old stories... We had a great home cooked meal, went for a real ice cream (yes a bit of a cheat) but all in all good fun, good food and great family. Thanks, Sis for a wonderful restful day!

Well one of the things we did yesterday was to visit the last of the Great Lakes...Lake Ontario! YAY we have officially seen all five of the Great Lakes and they are amazing. Watching the sail boats running out onto the lake last night was beautiful. Beaches and
waves and lots of folks playing in the sand. The seagulls were out in full force (should I call them LakeGulls?) and managed to land a few well placed bombs on unsuspecting victims HAHAHAHAH.

We actually accomplished an international tour through NY... Greece, Palermo, Mexico and Peru. Who knew...?Tomorrow we are going to catch the ferry from Plattsburgh NY to Grand Isle, VT which will cut off a lot time and get us out of NY sooner. Looking forward to a different bit of adventure. Have a good night and I'll post some pictures from last night...

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