Sunday, June 3, 2018

Day 28: OHIO

Miles today – 215.9

Well we made it through OHIO today and what beautiful farm country it is. Amazing old farms, some restored and well maintained, and others falling down in disrepair.  When we started out today we thought we would speed through OHIO as we have both been here before. But in the end we decided to take a lower route and see some of the state we had not seen before… and that is what we did.

The good thing about going on the road less traveled is that you see America not a super highway. The bad thing is (especially in an RV) that there are not many, if any, places to stop or pull over for photographing. Jimmy would stop when he could to let me get a photo or two but unfortunately those stops were few and far between.

There are a few decent photos, none great today but I hope you enjoy anyway. 

To my Massachusetts friends… we drove through a town today called WOOSTER (not to be confused with Wistah AKA Worcester). While we headed towards the Walmart there to resupply on a couple of things we went UP this great road called Flickinger Hill Road and I swear I thought we were in Milford, NH going up Federal Hill Road. There were even houses that looked just like the ones on that road in NH… But Flickinger Hill Road was twice the height and at the top it peaked just like a roller coaster and went down faster and longer than going up. What a ride.

So all in all it was quite a day, we left Michigan and OHIO behind us and are currently at Slippery Rock rest area in PA. SO Welcome to Pennsylvania… tomorrow we are taking a small detour to visit a friend in Braddock and then it’s off to Erie PA on the road to Rochester NY. Have a great night!

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