Friday, August 3, 2018

No Days cause I just can't count that high LOL

OK so I figured yesterday was Day 87 so that makes today 88!

Daily Miles??? Who knows!!

Total miles of trip: 8051.4

Last time I sat here we were stuck again...So let me give you a run down since then. Well we did finally get the RV fixed by the great guys at J&D Power Equipment and more importantly cost effectively.

We did do a bunch of visits with friends, ate a ton of ice cream at The Big 1 in Nashua, NH, an enormous amount of seafood where ever we saw food, smoked a few cigars and drank a drink or two to go with them. We enjoyed the ocean and so did Molly and finally figured out the difference between sunrise and sunset.

We saw some great cars, meet some awesome people, and just had a blast but it was time to move on and see more of the country. So we headed down to Massachusetts and had a home cooked meal with some friends we actually meet in Arizona and they transplanted back to New England. They are reformed RV travelers so we had a lot to discuss. I think Jimmy posted our Walmart stay there that night and then on the road again.

Next was New Jersey... yes that's right we not only stopped in Massachusetts but we actually stopped, stayed, ate and made merry in that wicked State of NJ. We stopped to visit some folks we meet in Arizona while they were visiting their son, Brian and over the years we've become friends as well. What a wonderful visit (and again great food LOL) and many thanks to Pam, Mike, Brittany and Michael for such a warm welcome. The good news is NO ICE CREAM hahahahaha. On the way out Jimmy thought he was on a race track but it was only the NJ Turnpike... We survived!

From New Jersey we found our way to Virginia and as most of you already know it was the ride from hell crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel. We were just ahead of that fatal accident that took out a tractor trailer driver and his passenger. It was truly a white knuckle drive!! We stopped in Virginia Beach to meet our new granddaughter, and yes she is beautiful (see pictures on Kruegers View FB). We stayed at an RV Park (which will remain nameless as I cannot give it a stellar review but will answer anyone traveling in messenger if they need to know) and rented a car for overnight. We spent the day ohhhhing and ahhhhing over Remi and had dinner with the crew. It was a really good day but we had Molly to worry about and headed out to find the leaking had intensified. 

But we were incredibly fortunate and the storm only took out our air conditioner. We were having difficulty with it working and doing a little leaking so we found our way to Cozy Acres RV Park (which BTW is TOP NOTCH) and as we were walking down the hill back towards our unit we realized we had no AC unit cover. So based off a wonderful reference we got in touch with RV Services of VA. These folks worked with us and got a new AC unit on with no muss or fuss. 

Lesson learned: Avoid the Chesapeake Bay Bridge if possible... 

Some of Jimmy's post told you that we wandered around Powhatan for a little bit to find information on his uncle. Well as luck would have it we meet a wonderful gentleman at a local cemetery as we were searching. Pal Goodwyn was at the cemetery visiting friends and family when we stopped to ask if he knew where a certain little church cemetery was he had a few questions: Why? and Who's your uncle? Then he smiled and told Jimmy that he sounded just like him and the genes didn't fall far. LOL Well he was very helpful and we even tried to help him find a grave. We headed to the Church and found Herb and Margaret Krueger there and low and behold we found Pal's friend too. With a little technology I found his phone number, left a message of where to find his friend and wished him God Speed. It was a wonderful visit. And just for an added bonus I saw my first wild Peacock on the side of the road... and of course no place to stop and no picture. Oh well

OBTW did I mention our refrigerator thawed out too? LOL well the good part of the story is we got to grill some amazing steak tips we had frozen... and the second part of the good news is those great guys at RV Services of VA found that the LP line was only hand tightened and got us back up and running. 

So we hit the road and headed towards North Carolina. I posted some pictures yesterday of the free ferry ride out of Williamsburg near the historic Jamestown VA. What a surprise to find on a back road. Along the way we saw more of those 6 ft Roosters in front yards so I just had to take a picture LOL.

The last couple of days we have had to stay at RV campgrounds because our battery appears to be running out of juice by day end. So no dry docking for us and here we are at another repair shop to figure out what the heck is happening. We will keep you posted... 

UPDATE: Loose cable to battery AOK now

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