Monday, August 6, 2018

Day 90-91 The Outer Banks and stuff...


Miles - 297.1 / Trip Total -8485.5

We decided to head towards the coast of North Carolina this week and check out the Outer Banks. The ride itself is lovely and the bridges between land masses are amazing but not a lot of places to stop to enjoy and once on the islands the houses and banking block the view of the ocean. North Carolina is very stingy with it's ocean views...if you don't own it or rent it you don't see it. Very disappointing! We did stop to eat at a neat restaurant in Nags Head, NC called Dirty Dicks... Their logo is "I got my crabs from Dirty Dicks". Food was OK but their steamed clams or mussels appetizer in an amazing cream and garlic sauce was outstanding!

We went inland to stop for the night in Williamston and found a great little RV Park called Green Acres where we could rest, recoup and I even got to do my nails...LOL! The truck picture is from their property. We even had a couple of turtles pose for us. 

Today we decided to give the ocean views one more chance with no
more luck than yesterday... The plus is the air was cooler for a short time. Very humid down here. Also the bridges offered some incredible views. We have stopped for the night in Jacksonville at a Planet Fitness. In the morning we are going to head toward the NC/SC coastal border and see if we can stop at a State park for the night around Myrtle Beach. We'll see if we get lucky.

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