Thursday, April 9, 2015

Where to begin?

Welcome to my thoughts (and I have plenty of them). I’ve been quiet for too long and there is so much going on that impacts our future that I believe it’s time I start speaking up again.

Over the past months since I’ve been off the air, it seems like the world is tilting on its axis. It appears as if our Grand Old Document, the US Constitution, is being stretched to its breaking point and no one can stop it. Our immigration issues continue to grow with executive ordered amnesty. States are forced to issue drivers licenses to the Dream Kids, while thousands of criminals (illegal aliens) such as murderers and rapists have been released from our jails to roam free in different parts of the US instead of being dropped off and kicked back over to their own border. 

Then there is OUR government, making an outrageous trade for a deserter and celebrating it in the Rose Garden. And let’s talk about our social media King Obama taking selfies at dignitaries’ funerals and to promote Obamacare, doing special interviews with the Queen of YouTube, while he can’t make time for BIBI Netanyahu. Some days, he’s like a 10 year old boy on a sugar high with a very short attention span. And then other days, he’s just mad because someone stands up to him and he becomes spiteful.

Then other days, you wonder what he’s thinking; not attending the March of Solidarity in France after the massacre at the satirical Charlie Hebdo paper and making deals with Iran at the cost of … everything. Allies find him weak; Israel feels like they stand alone; Iran and Russia are growing in power, while the American people are divided and don’t trust him, yet still he moves forward with his plan.

And in all my life, I have never seen, heard and felt more division in this country: men and women about salary and jobs; blacks and whites about everything; Christians and Jews being attacked for their religious beliefs; freedom of speech under attack if one group or another doesn’t like what someone has to say; and the funny thing is, guns seem to get lost in all this mess.  Or do they?

Now the question I have is… is this a plan? Divide and conquer? Is chaos the goal? What is the agenda?  This is like something out of Saul Alinsky’s playbook or one of George Orwell’s books.  And the American people don’t want to believe it could happen, so they look for a better explanation like climate change or something equally ridiculous. The truth is, if you keep the American people busy, they won’t pay attention to what’s really happening. 

This is no longer the America many of us grew up with and I have to ask when are we going to do something about it? This needs to be a call to action! I’ll write more (which is my step to doing something), but in the meantime you need to think about what you can do.

Be sure to follow me here and maybe, as you do, you might get an idea or two that works for you and your family.

Glad to be back and glad to have you with me



  1. The whole country is broken, thanks to the well funded tentacles of corruption and overreach of the socialists. Taking America back will be difficult at best. Taking it back begins with NOT giving up on the Grand Experiment. The system is perfect, it's the scum that have diverted the the original intentions into what we have now.

    1. Our vigilance is more important now than ever. We need to call them on the lies, the overreach and the corruption but if we don't then our children and grand children will never know the kind of country our grand parents and parents left to us. We MUST remember that the government officials are just servants and they need to remember their place in the Grand Experiment. Thanks for your comment and your passion. It's always welcome here.