Monday, April 13, 2015

Who's the parent?

Depiction of kids walking alone
There’s a family in Maryland who are bringing their children up like kids around the world have been brought up for generations.  They go to the park, they go their friends, they ride their bikes and they hang out together just so long as they don’t cause any trouble and are home by a certain time. 

But somewhere along the way that became illegal. Seriously! 

These 2 kids in Maryland are 10 and 6 and were picked up for the second time by Montgomery County Child Protective Services. It appears they were about 1/3 of a mile away from their home when someone called 911. Heck we see kids all the time around Arizona by themselves and I wouldn’t think of calling 911 but in this case someone did and the CPS picked them up.

As foolish as that is, they responded as their job demands but what they failed to do was to contact the parents and let them know that they had the kids. They let these poor parents worry until about 8PM when the kids were supposed to be home by 6:30PM. The parents were frantic and driving through the neighborhood looking for them. Then CPS made them wait another couple of hours and sign a safety plan before releasing the children to them. By signing the safety plan it means they are not allowed to leave their children unattended at all.

Now I’m pretty incredulous about this because when I was 10 years old I used to babysit other peoples kids; I used to hop on my bike and ride miles away to visit my married sister or go for a ride with friends… it was how we learned to be responsible and independent. Did we sometimes do dumb things? Sure we did but it was part of the learning process. How do you teach them those skills now?

When did this happen? More importantly who let it happen?

These are our children, these are good people without a bad record, these kids are good kids and didn’t cause any issue other than walking home. The media is referring to kids like this as “free range kids” like their cattle, sheep or property. For goodness sake their kids!

Free range parenting is now being looked at by CPS across the country as negligence. These parents are fighting for their right to let their children grow up the same way they did but government departments are actively working to keep every child safe even from themselves. They take thousands of children out of their homes because they are deemed “at risk”. These are kids that are not abused, not harmed in anyway but are merely being allowed to grow up with a reasonable level of responsibility and independence. Parental discretion is being thrown out the window because the government knows best.

These are the types of issues that we need to be outraged about, we need to fight for smaller government and we need to fight every day or we’ll soon find that the government will control every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave. We will have babies on demand, go to government doctors, go to government schools, work where we are told, live where we are told, have an allowance instead of a paycheck and the list goes on. If you are very honest with yourself you will look closely and see that government schools exist, Obamacare is working on government doctors and it appears our children are no longer ours.

Become passionate, get involved and stop Big Brother…


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