Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Day I just don't know HAHAHAHA AKA home again home again!

We are back in Arizona!!!

We put about 15,000 miles on our little RV, saw some incredible views, places and things, met some amazing people and (as you all know) ate some wonderful food. We have taken our 26' Born Free RV on one more journey recently. To it's new home in New Hampshire where it will be well loved. For a first journey in an RV it was pretty spectacular (even with the mechanical hiccups) but we are ready to go again.

I still have a bunch of photo's from the last leg of our journey back to Phoenix in October (that I will be posting in small groups) as we traveled through Kansas, the Pan Handle, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Quartsite, etc...

I also have a story or two to tell about our drive back to New Hampshire for delivery to the new owners. It's always fun to meet new people when dodging tornadoes or just finding a nice little place to hangout.

So with that said we just replaced the 26' RV with a 34' one and will post photos from our shake down cruise to Las Vegas in January. This baby has more of the amenities (even an oven) and a lot more room. We are looking forward to it.

So hold on I promise to be chatting a little more here and I've added a GoPro (or 2) to the mix so I will be posting on YouTube as well. Don't forget to give the video's a thumbs up and hit the SUBSCRIBE button. (even if the videos are awful at first) I promise they will get better...hahahahahahaha

Thanks for following us and hope your Christmas was a Merry one. Stay safe and healthy as you roll into the New Year.

God Bless to you all.
Jim & Kate

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